News for the Soul by Honora Finkelstein (This article was originally published in the “Network of Light News” column in the March 2010 issue of Pathways Magazine of Washington, D.C. ) News for the Soul (NFTS) is the #1 totally free life-changing radio talk show in the world, according to Google and AOL. Furthermore, its founder, Nicole Whitney, has a success story that matches that of any top life coach or media mogul. In 1997, Whitney had been diagnosed with three incurable diseases. She had two small children, no money or family, and was surviving on a disability allowance. Yet with faith that her life could change, she used a part of one month’s disability check to print a “positive news” newspaper that over the next decade developed into a major resource for other people in print, on the radio, and on the internet. Over that time period, Whitney’s three incurable diseases miraculously healed, and her project is now in its 13th year of successful broadcasting, with an estimated listener base of more than 200,000 people on her website alone. News for the Soul offers thousands of hours of free information in its broadcast library, with topics that cover everything from personal growth and social responsibility to healing the body and spiritual enlightenment, and yes, even learning to belly dance. To learn what’s new and useful for yourself, please visit