Mission Statement of INTERFAITH CHAPEL-TRUE LIGHT OF THE CHRISTOS INTERFAITH CHAPEL-TRUE LIGHT OF THE CHRISTOS is organized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit church corporation, for religious, charitable, and educational purposes, including the making of distributions for religious, charitable, and educational purposes to other organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The specific purposes for which the church corporation is organized are as follows: a. To offer religious and spiritual healing services that acknowledge a single Divine Source as the operative ordering and organizing principle behind all faiths and religions, i.e., One God behind all religious practices, and to foster communication among all religions in order to make visible their similarities of practice, purpose, and faith. It is the belief of the founders that One Light/Life/Love permeates all creation and that connecting to that One Source allows each of us to become one with the Christ Consciousness, which is an energy not vested in one individual only but is available to all humanity equally. b.  To offer all services traditionally recognized as clergy related: namely, sacred day rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations; weddings, hand-fastings, and civil unions; naming ceremonies and baptisms; memorial services; visitations for soul support of the infirm; pastoral counseling; house or land clearings; soul retrievals; daily spiritual discussion and meditation; and hands-on healing. c. To offer spiritual education via public presentations, workshops, television, radio, written materials, and other multimedia outlets; avenues include but are not be limited to the production of newspaper and  magazine articles, television programs, computer programs, DVDs and CDs, and the offering of conferences both locally and at national and international gatherings. d. To provide a resource library for study of interfaith religious and spiritual traditions. e.  To offer a two-year religious education and ministerial studies program for those wishing to minister to others from an interfaith perspective in spiritual fields such as interfaith religious education; spiritual healing; pastoral counseling; and performance of ceremonies and traditional rituals.   f.  To provide spiritual outreach in interfaith traditions to multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, gay and lesbian, and other underserved populations. g.  To teach hands-on healing, mind-body healing, meditation, and other wholistic approaches to connecting with spirit.