Matrix Energetics by Honora Finkelstein (This article was originally published in the “Network of Light News” column in the June 2010 edition of Pathways Magazine, published in Washington, D.C.) Have you ever wondered how Jesus managed to heal the halt and the lame people he encountered? Maybe the answer was that he tapped into a quantum physics matrix. Matrix Energetics is a system of healing, self-care, and transformation that seems miraculous but is actually based on the power of intent. It operates through the laws of quantum physics, superstring theory, and Rupert Sheldrake’s concept of “morphic resonance.” The last phenomenon, also known as the “100th Monkey” effect, posits that when enough members of a species learn a technique and have it in consciousness, it becomes immediately available to and applicable by the rest of the species. Hence, beginners and seasoned healthcare practitioners alike can learn Matrix Energetics and use it with ease. Dr. Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D., is the developer of Matrix Energetics. He discovered its principles in what he refers to as a “mystical experience” and began using them in his clinical practice. Much to his surprise, Bartlett says, “Suddenly the act of lightly touching a patient with focused intent created dramatic, often startling changes. Bones would realign themselves, chronic pain patterns would disappear often with only one brief session, scoliosis curvatures would realign right before my eyes.” And what was more, benefits seemed to be long term. The process begins with the power of focused intent combined with a light touch for identifying the parts of the body where the Matrix Energetics “wave” will give the best results. Often, practitioners will see or sense a wave-like motion as they are applying the method, and the person being worked on will feel a wave of relaxation. According to quantum physics, all reality can be described as vibrations, waveform patterns, and energy—i.e., everything that appears physical is really light and information. If a living body is really a field of resonating energy and information, then it is a constantly resonating matrix. For purposes of healing physical problems, Matrix Energetics principles state that, “the vibrations and waveforms in this matrix can be changed, meaning that anyone can collapse the current reality, such as an injury pattern or some stuck situation within the body or emotions, and introduce one of many other new possibilities that are more useful.” Diseases or injuries can be seen as disruptions or distortions affecting the matrix of the body’s information fields. Both physical and emotional disruptions can impede proper information flow at the cellular level. Hence, “the application of the Matrix Energetics field re-establishes the flow of biological information so that the body can better respond to stimuli in its internal and external environments.” Further, Bartlett discovered he could pass along these principles to other people and has been teaching seminars in Matrix Energetics since 1992. For a schedule of his classes around the country, or to learn the technique for free through online videos, please visit Bartlett currently also has two books out on the subject: Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation and The Physics of Miracles: Tapping into the Field of Consciousness Potential. His books are available at