The Kortum Technique by Honora Finkelstein (This article was originally published in the “Network of Light News” column in the June 2010 edition of Pathways Magazine, published in Washington, D.C.) John Christopher Kortum is a residential trainer and facilitator of consciousness workshops at the world-famous Monroe Institute, as well as a researcher into history’s mysteries as they relate to non-ordinary states of consciousness. In the spring of 2010, he published a book, The Kortum Technique, which outlines a method he has developed and demonstrated in clinical trials that can help anyone learn, through a heightening of their normal five senses, how to discern imbalances in the physical body without expensive laboratory tests, invasive procedures, or x-rays and MRIs. Furthermore, it can offer information not only on the diagnosis and the level of severity of an illness but also on its prognosis, thus contributing information for healthcare professionals to use in creating treatment and recovery programs. In brief, Kortum shows how it is possible to blend the physical act of seeing with hearing and feeling. Over a long period of looking at people in a “blended sense” way, he began to recognize patterns of imbalance and disease that he came to call “indicators”—i.e., cues that certain physical organs were in stress.  The book has pictures outlining the most common indicators for certain kinds of illnesses, places on the physical body where they can be found, the degree of severity to look for with each indicator, and a ratio of visual versus kinesthetic sensing one will need to activate in order to successfully do an assessment. Kortum also learned in his process of cataloguing the patterns of indicators he was beginning to recognize that the human body has an early warning system that will show what illnesses will manifest at a later time. He calls the body  “the one true decoder ring,” because it will manifest in physical imbalances where a person may carry sadness, disappointment, or other negative emotional states. Further, because the Kortum Technique posits a spiritual and emotional component to the body-mind complex, it encourages the individual harboring the illness to take an interactive part in determining psychological, emotional, or spiritual root causes of the imbalance. Kortum says he sees this technique as supporting the evolution of a new medicine that will embrace and integrate the depth and complexity of the human organism—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The Kortum Technique is available at For more information on Kortum’s work, please visit his website at