Tales of the Indigo Wizard by Honora Finkelstein (This article was originally published in the “Network of Light” column in the March 2010 issue of Pathways Magazine of Washington, D.C. ) If you find the color blue appealing, I’d like to recommend a children’s book to you. It’s called Tales of the Indigo Wizard, and the first of four parts became newly available in the spring of 2010. Back in 1991, I made the acquaintance of a wonderful visionary artist, sculptor, and writer, Sister Paula Matthew of the Spiritual Center in Windsor, New York. We were both teaching workshops that summer at the International Women’s Writing Guild conference, where Sister Paula was presenting her work on spiritual astrology. I decided after getting a taste of her approach to take her week-long astrology workshop called “Cosmosphere” at the Spiritual Center and was amazed to learn how my understanding of astrological symbols and principles expanded—and how much better I understood the whole concept of astrological influences as a result. While one’s own personal life path and patterns are most influenced by one’s unique natal chart, it is also true that each of the zodiacal houses creates archetypal patterns, and each of the astrological signs and planets influences archetypal roles. So everyone, regardless of birth time and date, is influenced by each of the houses and by all of the planets and signs throughout the course of the year. And according to Sister Paula, one’s annual walk through one’s astrology chart is one’s personal “sacred path.” Also in 1991 at the winter solstice, Sister Paula was given from Spirit a series of 12 tales about a Blue Wizard who lived in a glen with some delightful sentient animals, all of whom were open to learning life lessons with the wizard’s assistance. Their favorite blessing to each other was, “Good food to you,” perhaps because food is a requisite to life, and the better the food, the healthier the individual. Of course, “food” can also be a symbol of all the physical-mental-emotional-spiritual input upon which the individual feeds the Self. The timeframes of the 12 tales matched the 12 periods of the Zodiac, from March 21-April 21 (the period for the sign of Aries) around the year to February 21-March 20 (the period for the sign of Pisces), and each of the tales was set in a season that matched Sister Paula’s symbolic spiritual astrology houses. And though the tales are written simply enough for children to understand them, their spiritual lessons are deep enough to offer profound insights to adults as well. For the next three winter solstices thereafter, Sister Paula was given a new set of tales, and the entire series is now in production for publication. The first book, The Indigo Wizard, Book One: The Awakening Tales, was released in March 2010, and I am delighted to be able to recommend it to my readers. For more information on the tales or about Sister Paula Matthew, or to order a copy of the first book in this beautiful series, please go to http://theindigowizard.com.