Interfaith Chapel—True Light of the Christos CREED We believe there is only ONE FATHER-MOTHER GOD, the DIVINE SOURCE, INFINITE and HOLY, the LIGHT, LOVE, and LIFE FORCE that permeates everything that is, was, or ever will be. We believe that the CHRISTOS is a CONSCIOUSNESS, a force of DIVINE ENERGY, available to all who are willing to receive it. We believe that LOVE is the strongest force in the universe, that all that is, was, or ever will be is LOVE. Hence, GOD is LOVE, and all that is, was, or ever will be is GOD. We believe, as all religions around the planet agree, that GOD is perceived by human eyes as limitless LIGHT. We believe that GOD is the LIFE FORCE, the DIVINE SOURCE of all LIFE and all HEALING, that the HEALING POWER of SPIRIT can flow through everyone, and that laying on of hands is an expression of LOVE and a transmission of LIGHT and of that LIFE FORCE. We believe that THOUGHTS ARE THINGS and MIND is the builder. As we sow, so shall we reap, and as we think, so shall we manifest. We believe that ALL human beings on planet Earth are MEMBERS OF ONE FAMILY.  We believe that Jesus the Christ, our elder brother, was empowered by the perfection of his MIND through atuning his WILL to that of the DIVINE SOURCE. We believe that the message of Jesus the Christ, our elder brother, was that all souls are ETERNAL and called to be CHRISTED, and that the ATONEMENT of Jesus the Christ was a lesson to all that it is possible to be “at one” with the DIVINE SOURCE, through perfecting of our MINDS by atunement of our WILLS to that limitless LOVE and LIGHT. We believe that individual consciousness is a part of ONE DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS, and that CONSCIOUSNESS is ETERNAL.  Hence, we believe in REINCARNATION, the RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL into new physical bodies for as long as the soul chooses that activity. No one ever really dies, for the soul is eternal. May all our brothers and sisters in the human family acknowledge their connection to each other through the INFINITE LOVE, LIGHT, and LIFE available to ALL.