Network of Light Column Articles Articles originally published in the “Network of Light” column in Pathways Magazine of Washington, D.C. Jon Stewart's Interview with Jesus December 2010 Visionary author/artist/speaker Jan Phillips, who writes a regular inspirational email newsletter called Museletter, was recently inspired by her own muse to create an interview of Jesus by Jon Stewart, the iconic host of TV’s Daily Show. Russian Fires versus Russian Prayers December 2010 IC-TLC minister Honora Finkelstein recently had an opportunity to talk about the miracles associated with the 2010 summer fires in Russia with Marina Koval, Ph.D., a former Russian psychologist/sociologist who currently lives in D.C. and is a life coach in private practice. Steps toward the Transformation of Humanity December 2010 Mayan priest and spiritual activist Alfredo Sfeir-Younis is the founder of the Zambuling Institute for Human Transformation. His theme for the institute’s efforts is that the future of humanity depends on our collective enlightenment. Kripalu Institute September 2010 According to Stephen Cope, Director of Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living (IEL), the institute operates on the principle that, “Yoga has the potential to change the world—both through the alleviation of suffering and the creation of vast opportunities for self-fulfillment.” Learning to Take Conscious Footsteps September 2010 Conscious Footsteps: Finding Spirit in Everyday Matters is a modern-day equivalent to Socrates' answer. Out in the fall of 2010 from astrologer Dianne Eppler Adams, it's a "must read" book for anyone wanting to know how to maintain a spiritual consciousness while making one's way through ordinary or even difficult times. An Experiment in Living September 2010 Alysha Alloway, a sophomore in the fall of 2010 at Walt Whitman High School in Cabin John, Maryland, participated the previous summer in a special program for high school students called “The Experiment in International Living.” With this program she had the opportunity to spend a month offering community service and learning about all aspects of the culture of Mongolia. The Kortum Technique June 2010 John Christopher Kortum is a residential trainer and facilitator of consciousness workshops at the world-famous Monroe Institute, as well as a researcher into history’s mysteries as they relate to non-ordinary states of consciousness. Matrix Energetics June 2010 Have you ever wondered how Jesus managed to heal the halt and the lame people he encountered? Maybe the answer was that he tapped into a quantum physics matrix. Habitat in Haiti March 2010 Among the first groups to respond to the 12 January 2010 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Haiti was Habitat for Humanity, assessing the damage and determining how they could best help survivors pick up the pieces and rebuild. A Model for a Meditation Evening March 2010 I’ve attended meditation evenings and shared food dinners in Reston, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and San Diego, where the food is often so plentiful I’ve thought it must have multiplied miraculously like the loaves and fishes at Jesus’ events. Avatar: Are You Blue, Too? March 2010 Okay, so there’s been a huge amount of hype about James Cameron’s film Avatar. First it was by nay-sayers who agreed the film would never be successful. Then it was by those critics who changed their tunes very shortly after its release as it showed signs of becoming the most successful movie in film history. News for the Soul March 2010 News for the Soul (NFTS) is the #1 totally free life-changing radio talk show in the world, according to Google and AOL. Furthermore, its founder, Nicole Whitney, has a success story that matches that of any top life coach or media mogul. Sita Sings the Blues March 2010 The Ramayana is an ancient Sanskrit epic attributed to the Hindu poet sage Valmiki. As an ancient cultural product of India, its purpose was to depict the duties of relationships, with representations of the ideal king, wife, brother, servant, and so forth. Tales of the Indigo Wizard March 2010 If you find the color blue appealing, I’d like to recommend a children’s book to you. It’s called Tales of the Indigo Wizard, and the first of four parts became newly available in the spring of 2010. Wynne Paris and Friends - Kirtan Music March 2010 Wynne Paris is a world beat artist/producer and musician who has spent the last decade devoting his artistic energy to the music of yoga and Kirtan, a special chanting form of spiritual song. Other Pathways Articles 2012:  Armageddon or Utopia? September 2010